A Scary Story (part 2)

part 2

Mark ran outside with Mason. ”We will be safe here!" Mark said”.Then, Mark heard "Clunk…Clunk…Clunk."and he saw the monster coming from behind him.and Mark and Mason ran as fast as they could.They jumped over the fence and Mark turned his head to look back.He saw the monster.Yikes!The monster was all slimy and green with orange eyes and big slimy scales running down his back and all the way down his yellow floppy tail.

Mark and Mason took off running.They ran to Mason’s house.His parents were not home but they ran in and locked the door.

Find out what happens to Mark and Mason on the the third (and final) part of this scary story.


I’m reading a book


I read a book called Danny and the four Seasons. I starts off with,  "I can see danny in the flowers.  It must be spring."  I liked the book because it was so cool.  You should read it.

I Love…


Matthew has wanted to start every blog entry with "I Love Mrs. Robinson."  I explained that we can’t start every blog off the same way (Sorry Mrs. Robinson) And when I told him that for the Apple Story, his comment was, "OK…Start it off ‘I like Mrs. Robinson’".  I got him off of it and then when I asked him about what he wanted to start off with this time, he started in with, "I love Mrs. Robinson."  So I said, "and what next…"

"I love Dad

I love my family

I love Maisie

I love Mom

I love Mark

I love Mason

I love Mitchell

I love Mary

I love Madeline and

I love Everybody in the whole wide world"

-Matthew Cool

I’m just glad I made the list Mrs. Robinson. 

Thoughts on My School and Dad’s iPod

I love my school.  My teacher’s names are Ms. McEntyre and Ms. Jones.  I counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 in my class last time.  I like to go to Garden and then I grab my bag.  I like writing on the paper. I wish I could stay for lunch.  -ed: Mom misses her and picks her up before lunch.

 I also like my dad’s ipod and put them in my ear.  I like to listen to Boys Don’t Cry (Fergie) and I Can Hear The Bells (Hairspray).






I’m not the only one who hates a locked up iPhone

I thought the furor around the iPhone update that either locked your iPhone so that it only runs the base software, or bricked your iPhone if it was hacked to run on networks besides ATT, was dying down.  But then I read this blog from Leo Laporte, an Apple Fan and host or podcasts, radio shows and a TV show in Canada. 

I’m hoping that this spurs Apple into doing the right thing and giving us our third party apps back.  I’ve heard rumors that Apple might start selling apps through the iTunes store and that would be fine for me if anyone could submit apps and if authors had the ability to make free apps if they wanted.

I still have not updated my iPhone to the latest software and won’t until I can install and run my own apps.  I’ll let you know if/when it’s ever safe to buy an iPhone again.


 UPDATE:  Business Week columnist Arik Hesseldahl agrees here.

A Scary Story (part 1)

Once upon a time on a day close to Halloween, a boy named Mark was outside at night time.  There was the sound of something breathing.  It was behind his house.  Mark got out of his house and went downstairs.  Mark went outside and went behind his house…and his friend said…BOO!

A few days later it was Halloween and Mark went to a party.  While he was there he heard a voice.  Mark went to check it out.  This time it was a monster!  Mark was Scared.  So am I…find out what happened on the next Scary Story.




The Apple Tree Story


Once a time there were some pretty apple seeds.  

Then along came a beautiful apple blossom.

Next came a big delicious apple growing.

Finally an entire tree full of beautiful apples appeared.

The End.


That’s the Apple Tree story.