Its almost ready…but not quite!


I almost have the 05 caper completed. It would have been done by now but I had to do a little project for work. So just as a little present while you wait, here is the video I made.

Its called Danger in the Streets and its an edited version of a bunch of 1930’s public service video footage with some 1950s Sci-Fi movie music added for effect. I made it in an attempt to communicate all of the perils we face in trying to collect money in our business as the Duke University Health System CBO. If you think of the traffic as all of the problems we face in getting paid you’ll get the idea.

And bonus points if you know the movie the music came from!

Let me know what you think!


Fun with Photobooth

{moszoomthumb imgid=528}Well, we hit the mall for a few minutes yesterday so Mary could return something and of course I had to stop by the Apple store and check out a few things. While we were there we played with the new Photobooth software from Apple. It comes standard on the iMac now that it has a built in camera.

Check out the fun in the media gallery

Yikes. Maybe we shouldn't play around so much!


Merry Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas from the Doerrs!

Another year has flown by and Brian and I have found ourselves wondering where the time has gone and whose big idea it was to have 7 children?!  2005 has been a good year, albeit extremely hectic.  We love our large family, but find ourselves getting bogged down with family activities and an exorbitant amount of homework!

Mary starts high school next fall, and her homework load has picked up considerably.  In addition to school, she dances, has a lead role in the school play, and played field hockey this past fall. Mitchell and Mason are both playing basketball and have joined in the tap craze.  Madeline just earned a spot as a member of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble (NCYTE) along with her big sis Mary. Mark started kindergarten this year and Matthew goes to preschool three days a week and then hangs out with Maisie and me at home the other two days.  Speaking of Maisie, she’s almost walking!  She’s 14 months old now and weighs a whopping 14 pounds 12 ounces!

Brian is still working for Duke and volunteering at church doing AV work and building our church website ( I’ve continued my job as house manager and tutor extraordinaire in addition to directing the church Christmas Pageant and leading Madeline’s Girl Scout Troop.  Nothing new there!  

So that’s our life in a postcard.  Please drop in when you’re in town.  God bless you and your family this Christmas season.  Make sure you take time out of your busy schedule to remember the miracle of Christ’s birth.

Love, Cheryl

Christmas Caper 2005 is on it way!

We thought we might not have a caper to solve this year but then we got the call…This year Santa needed help in order to save Christmas for boys and girls everywhere and the Doerrstop Detectives had to fly to Texas to help.

Stay tuned to and be the first one on your block to see this 2005 blockbuster! We hope to have it finished by New Years.

Mark’s Birthday

I turned 6 and had a humongus birthday party at Pump It Up. Check out the new photos here and let me know what you think. I know they are bit late but my Dad says he has been real busy.

Check for the slides in the media gallery.


A new website project completed

Well, I’ve done it again. Over the past few months I’ve been implementing a new church website for our church, Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill, NC. This has entailed not only an entire redesign of the existing site, but moving the site to a new server platform (Unix), implementing a back-end database (MySQL) a content management system (Joomla) and implementation of many add-on services such as podcasting, daily bible verses, bible searches, online calendaring, blogging, live stats and comment systems.

Its been a lot of work…you can just ask Cheryl. 🙂

The site went live a few weeks ago and is now starting to be promoted. So far the comments have been very positive and I’m hoping this helps us reach more people, more effectively.

I even wrote the email promoting the site…here it is:

Grab a seat, buckle up, and go for a ride on our new little piece of road on the information superhighway…all from the comfort of your favorite browser.

Our site has been overhauled and supercharged to incorporate the following new elements:
– Updated look and feel for the CUMC portions and a special look for our Evolution pages.
– Artwork incorporating photos of our buildings and people
– New content sections including church news and missions news
– Ability to subscribe to our sermon podcasts
– New online Church calendar
– Online polls for research and feedback
– Online prayer requests
– Site registration for financial information, commenting on articles, news and event submission.

So click on over to the new site, register, subscribe to the podcast, and take a spin.  And don’t forget to bookmark it for future use.

The address is

See you on the road!

I am currently working with the staff and lay leadership to train them on entering additional content in each of their areas.

When you have a moment, please go over and check it out. If you feel so inclined, feel free to register (that gives you the ability to comment on things, see our financials, and submit church events for approval and inclusion in the calendar.

If you didn’t catch it above, the site is located at

If you know anyone who might be interested in setting up a system like this, email me. I have hosting contacts and can put together a package deal with them for web hosting, email, development, and training. We also have the ability to set up storefronts with a database back-end for web sales and inventory management.



OK…so here’s a little secret…I’m trying to get my brother to start a podcast.

What’s a podcast? A podcast is basically a listing of audio recordings you put on the web. The utilize a technology called RSS which makes it easy to subscribe to them and get new recordings as they are made available by the author.

Why would a podcast from my brother be interesting? Aside from being just a very cool and interesting fellow, two recent events have will make the next chapter of his life even more interesting that usual. Let me explain.

First, he just turned 40. You know what that means…"I think my ‘brother’s’ gone crazy!" He’s taking stock of what’s important and what he needs to change up in his life. He quit his job in hopes of restarting his acting career, is taking on a job setting up an drama program at a local school, and taking workshops in hopes of honing his acting skills even further.

On his 40th Birthday I called him up and told him I had a present (an mp3 recorder and headphone mic) , a proposition (start up a bi-weekly podcast about his transition and life) and a plan (setup the podcast and use it as a marketing tool to get agents and casting directors to look at him).

He took me up on all of it and has been playing with the tools since mid July. Now with his gig over at Marksmen and his new life starting, we need to get this moving. I’m thinking this would be a very interesting podcast and if you agree let me know by leaving a comment so I can push him to get moving on this.

I’ll have more soon about my first foray into the podcasting realm (just setting one up…not about my insane life).