Summertime Swimming

Yesterday we went swimming at our neighborhood pool for the first time. It
was so fun. My brother and I played a game who can find the goggles. Next
I jumped in the pool doing a cannonball. We had a blast down at the pool.
We came home surprised that our mom made us some turkey burgers. And they
were delicious.



For Mother’s Day I got a new little kitten I named Willow.  It wasn’t much of a surprise since I picked it out and actually flew to Pittsburgh Friday night to get it.  

She is a Korat which comes from Thailand and is hypoallergenic, which will be good for Mitchell.  

The kids bought me some kitten play toys for her and we’ve had a lot of fun introducing her to TX and our family.

Brian put up a few pictures from our first day with Willow.

More soon.


Trip to Mexico

Madeline and I recently went to Mexico with NCYTE.  We had a great time and I kept up a google map which shows where we visited.  Check it out.   Simply click on the blue POIs below to see what we did at each spot.  I still have a couple spots to add from the last day so check back and see what’s been added.  If you want to see a larger map, there is a small link under the map. 


View Larger Map

New Movie Section


Well,  I finally bit the bullet and revamped the movies section.  With the move of Doerrstop a few months back to a new host, we’ve had a few issues with the movie links.  So while I decide what to do with the movies section, I’ve uploaded them all to YouTube and linked to it from the MOVIES menu above.  

I would have put it into a window within com for those of you who just don’t want to leave, but YouTube’s site is just too wide for that, so I open a new window for you to browse all our movies on YouTube.  Once you are done you can close it and you’ll be right back to our lovely little site.

I may move them back into the site once I have some time to work on it some more but I have a few other things I need to do on the site (upgrade and add comments back in) and some of my other sites right now. so this should tide me over until I can get back to it.

Jump over to YouTube and vote for your favorites while you are there.


Student Teacher

Today my student teacher was leaving.  She was going to become a real teacher.  I was so happy for her, but a little sad that she had to leave.  I’m going to miss her a lot!  She is still in my heart!  I gave her tips on how to be a good teacher.  She might follow my advice.  You never know! -Mason

Basketball Party


When I got done with basketball, my dad took me and my whole team to GattiTown.  We went there because it was the end of the season and we had a party.  I got a medal and a certificate that said I was the best offensive player.  I play a lot with my friends and with my dad.  Of course we had so much fun together.  Then everyone went home.  I had a great year at basketball with my friends and family.  Bye for now.

Writing TAKS Test


My writing TAKS test is coming up in 5 days.  But I’m not nervous.  I’ve done well on all the practice tests so far.  One time I got an 86 and another time I got an 89.  I was s glad.  I always do good on my stories.  And I’m good at editing too.  I’ll keep you posted once I get my score back.  Later!