Scooter came to visit


I love Mrs. Robinson. She is my teacher at Pink Elementary School. Two weeks ago she let me take Scooter home.

Scooter is just a little Guinea Pig.  

Scooter came home in a big cage.  We had to play with him and feed him and clean out his cage.  

We had lots of fun with Scooter.Kiss


My birthday is coming!

For my birthday I’m want to get clothes, a Tomagachi v4.5, and a hot-wheels set that goes upside-down.  I also want to get some block things with people and you stack them and that connect to other people. Let’s see, I want some new games for my PS2 like Guitar Hero.  I also want a monkey webkinz.  More later.Cool


Little Luncheonette of Terror

when I was trying out for the school musical I was scared. But after i was finished I felt great I had tried out with my


 brother and my friend Caitlin.The next night I was tossing and turning over if I would get the callbacks or not . The next day when I looked at the callbacks my name wasn’t on It but caitlin and Mitchell’s were.I still had a chance though.I was a litle sad that I didn’t make the callbacks though.

The next day they would post up the cast list. Through the whole day I was so scared but excited. Then when It was posted my brother said he saw my name on there somewhere,and he got the main part. Then I looked at my name and it said… Lights.  

 I was so disappointed  my friend at least got a do-wap girl.My mom said if I went to all the practices I might get moved up. I went to every practice but after 5 weeks I was still in the same place.

Then someone wasn’t there one day so I got to stand in for them. It was fun and at the end of practice Mrs.Noble called me over and said "would you like to be in the play" and of course  I said "yes" . And from now on I am student 10. I even got my own script and lyric book.


Little Luncheonette of Terror


As some of you know I was in the school play last year and this year I am doing it again. Except this year I made the lead. this year our play is called the little luncheonette of terror. it is about a lizard/human guy that comes from the center of the earth and my character Pete has to stop him before he turns everyone into zombies and takes over the world. This is a musical and I even have a solo. I will post more so try and keep up thanks



Now that i have started school I have started playing football. My positions are runningback and outside line backer strong safety and I’m number 25. I just started so I made B team. right now our B team is 1 and 2 but the next school we play has 3 teams so we have to split our 2 teams into 3 teams. and so we now have one A team and 2 B teams. so now we all get more playing time. I am starter for second half and i really love playing so i hope this is something i will do for a long time.

Keep up with my blogs because I will write more thanks.



Friendship Poem

Two weeks ago me and my class learned a poem. We had to do it in front of the whole class.  We had to stare at them and say it. It was a great poem and we practiced it for the whole week except for Friday.  I was very nervous standing at the front of the class.  I did a great job and got a 100%.  Here is the Poem:


A friend is a person

who wishes you well

and keeps all the secrets

that you like to tell

Friends share their toys

and storybooks too

Friends can be older

or younger than you

More soon…Surprised


New Blogging Project

You might see that there are is a new Blogs menu on the right-hand side of the page.  We are trying something new here at in an attempt to get the kids more involved in the content on the site.  Over the next few weeks my hope is that you will begin to see more weekly blogs from the kids on pretty much any topic they want to talk about.

It’s an experiment that has a bit of monetary enticement for them, and hopefully some good content and insight into their world for the rest of us.

So stay tuned to and once they start posting, send them some feedback so they know you are out there.