The 2012 Christmas movie is here

The 2012 Christmas movie is finally here!

Yes, I know its the middle January but this project was a bit bigger and more involved than pretty much any movie we’ve done before. It’s also 8 minutes longer than any of our other movies.  We hope it’s worth the wait.  You can watch it on our YouTube channel here and be sure to “Like it”

Feel free to let us know on our website, facebook, or my new favorite, Google+.

Have a wonderful 2013 and hope to see you soon!


The 2012 Christmas movie is coming!

For those of you asking about our 2012 Christmas movie, It’s just about finished!

With school, work and travel schedules this year, along with a longer script that includes more Cheryl and Brian than ever, shooting took a bit longer than anticipated.  I think we are going to have to hire a couple remote location crews next year. 😉

Editing is just about finished and we plan to release it this weekend right here.

Check this post out on Google+ or FB for a sneak peak at the theme for this year.

Been using this cool address book service I read about on Cult of Mac a while back.  It’s called  It links to your gmail/google apps account and then scours incoming email for new or updated contact information.  You can then have it update your contacts automatically or manually.  I also used their Flashback service to look through all of my old gmail and pull any contact information out of that.

It’s really simple to setup and it saves me time searching my email for numbers I never put into a contact record and if people update information, my contacts are automatically updated as well.

Very nice service.  You should check it out here.

Mitchell goes to Interlochen!

Hey Everyone!

Mitchell was accepted into Interlochen Arts Camp this summer and entered this contest last night.

You can vote by clicking here! You may need to log into Facebook and accept the contest app and then you should be all set!

If he wins (which is quite possible as there aren’t a lot of entries) Mitchell will receive a full scholarship which we are hoping for. 😉

You’re allowed to vote every 24 hours starting today through April 13th!  If he wins, we should know on April 16th!

Feel free to forward this to anyone who has a Facebook account because everyone can vote.

Mitchell needs all the help he can get!

🙂  Cheryl

Our Family Trip to San Antonio

Last weekend my family went to San Antonio. We went to see my sister Madeline dance. It was so much fun. In San Antonio also went on a boat ride with a Guide.  He gave us so much great information about San Antonio. He showed us illusions, and great places to go. Also at the very end of our trip we got to go to the Alamo. I got great pictures and Mitchell my brother showed me all around. I love going so much I hope we go again.  That was my story about our trip to San Antonio. I hope you have a great spring break.

Singin’ in the Rain

Mitchell in Singin' in the RainIf you have not heard, with the help of many friends and more than enough support from my mom and dad, Madeline and I were able to put on a fantastic performance of Singin’ in the Rain at our school. I had a wonderful time of playing Gene Kelly’s Don Lockwood, acting with some of the best, being with my friends, and of course singing and dancing on our live rain stage. Who ever knew my tap dancing skills would come in handy six years later? Well and of course I had tons of help from Mary who choreographed the major tap numbers and was able to teach Me how to dance like a pro in 2 months. The Doerr family has dominated the stage once again while Mark and Mason not only took the lead roles in their own musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at their school, but were also one of the select few to play young Don and young Cosmo in Singin’ in the Rain at the high school level. The five of us make a pretty good team when we all work on one show. To see all of us in action, check out our up coming Christmas movie for the 2011 year. I hope you all enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2011 Christmas Caper

How he does it? I have no idea, but my dad has once again produced a fantastic Christmas movie while dealing with all the craziness that goes on behind the scene with us. I hope that you all get a chance to check out us party rocking down the streets of Frisco square. You will also see our guest stars Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta, Mckenzie Watson, as well as my co-star / tap dancing partner in crime Chris Floyd. I had tons of fun working with all my siblings. With some embarrassing moments and a little inspiration from all of us we sure know how to have a great time. With another movie of ours you can see the Doerr family travel to different music videos, Tv shows, and movies all in one, but I don’t want to give away to much. I hope that we have found a new way to capture your attention once again. 😉