Busy time at the Doerrstop Inn

Well as you can tell from the previous posts, we had Cheryl’s brother in for a few nights last week…and the day he left, my parents flew in from MI for the weekend.  They came down to see Mary’s tap show at the Carolina Theatre and to catch up with the kids.  We had a great time and here is a quick shot we took of all the kids with Grandma and Grandpa before they hit the tarmac.


If you want to make a reservation at the Doerrstop Inn just give us a call.  We can always make room.


Early Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa

Over spring break my Grandparents came to visit and they brought me an early birthday present. They got me a gift card to Toys R Us . They just left today and we went to Toys R Us this afternoon and I got Pokemon  cards, a Pokemon movie and new batteries for my video game. Here is a picture of me and my presents.   


Uncle Rob Came to Town Riding in a Minivan

My uncle Rob came on Tuesday during spring break. His children came too and their names are Alex and Nicholas.

Alex is eight and in third grade just like I am but he is 4 weeks older than me. Nicholas is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. We had a wonderful time with them.

First we went to Durham and had lunch with my Dad at Rudino’s near his work . Then we went to The Musem of Life and Science and rode the train and played in the bubbles.

The next day we went downtown on the bus and ate lunch. After that we stopped by the UNC lacrosse field to see if they were playing. We found out that they were playing in one hour. Uncle Rob wanted to see the game so we let him stay till the game started. We tried to get on one bus home but we think the bus came early so we went to a bulding close by and got some water and a bus route map. Then we went and caught a bus and rode home. That was such a fun day!

We said good bye before we went to bed because they were going early the next morning at six o’clock and woke up at five o’clock. That was the end of my adventure!


New Evolution Video

Just a quick note tonight to tell you I have another new Evolution
video up movie section of the media gallery called 05 Dry Bones. This one is a quick montage set of Ezekiel 37 1-8 by Tal
from our congregation. This is the first part of a passage many refer to as the
Dry Bones passage. In it, we hear from Ezekiel of God’s power to breathe the
breath of life back into a valley of dry bones, speaking to the hope God gives
to the lost.
Let me know what you

Easter Picture

We were in a church production of The Last Supper last night and so we broke out
the kids Easter outfits early and took a few pictures of the whole crew before
we went in. Here’s one of the better

had a great time in the performance. We were modern day disciples and were cast
as the butt of the "What a big family" joke (so big that they only put, "The
Doerr Family" in the program instead of all of our names, and the "What a cute
little baby" heart tug. The best part is that we just had to walk across the
stage and then sit down on stage for a few minutes. Mark, Matthew and Maisie
get taken off the stage by three of the "original"

We had a great time and
Matthew especially LOVED it. Guess they take after their Uncle

Now we just have to
keep those outfits clean until next weekend…yeah

Take the Poll

With the recent redesign of the site I would like to get some feedback on how you like the new look. So I implemented a quick poll just like the ones I used to do for Marksmen . On the left side just under the Google search box (which you should use often as I get paid for every search conducted from doerrstop.com) you will see the current poll.

Take a gander.

I’m also open to poll ideas so comment away below and let me know.


Welcome our newest addition!

Get ready for more movies! We just took delivery
of the newest member of our family, or as my friend Mike said, " should I say
This newest addition weighs in at 46 pounds and comes with two brains. It has a
shiny skin and is liquid cooled…but no diapers

You might have guessed that
I’m talking about my new Apple Macintosh Dual G5 . It’s massive and
considering that its raw speed is 9 times (and two processor generations) newer
than my little iMac, to say it’s fast to me is an understatement. I’ve been
busy setting it up, getting organized and backing up our movies, songs and
photos to DVD for archiving.

that is all in place I’ll be jumping into the new video editing software Final Cut
Express HD
to learn the basics and a few extras about what it will
bring to my movies. Now all I need are a few good ideas, a new camera and a
film and lighting crew and I’m on my way to Sundance!

G5 comes with a lot of free software including the latest versions of OmniGraffle  , a
very cool design tool we used to make Maisie’s announcement, iWork and
, which include a new version of GarageBand, the software used to
make our song. There’s a lot more free stuff but I’ll go into that another
time. Suffice it to say that we are all very excited to play and see what we
can create with all this new stuff.

keep watching doerrstop.com for more fun and exciting (for us anyways)