Lemonade Stand

My sister Maisie,  My brothers Mason and Matthew and I set up a lemonade stand that also sold bottle water, giant cookies, and brownies.

We had a ton of customers that were super nice to us. We posted news about our stand using twitter and facebook.

We sold lemonade for over 5 hours in the hot sun. It was over a hundered degrees.

My dad thought it would be a good idea to do a survey of our customers over which colladge was the best.  Texas and Texas Tech won sadly. Evan though they won me and my brother still had a good time.

We also used a iphone app called square so evan if they did not have any cash they could use there credit card, we took visa, mastercard, discover, and american express.

We had a great time.
-Mark Doerr

Psych saw our Caper!

We received an email from a friend of ours in Chapel Hill yesterday that made the kids year!

It seems that our friend, Katherine Asaro, went to college with one of the writers/crew members from Psych, Tory Walker (IMDB profile).  Katherine thought she would send her the link to our 2010 Caper-Psych tribute and she’d get a kick out of it.  Here is Tory’s response:

I forwarded this to Steve Franks.  He said it was awesome.  Tell your friends they got an official thumbs up and a special thanks for including the links to the show!

When I saw this I about dropped my teeth.  For those of you who haven’t bought and watched every episode from iTunes, Steve Franks (IMDB Profile) is the creator of the show.

I knew the kids, especially the older ones, would love to hear it, so I called them all into the den and read them the email.  I was right…they all started freaking out! I didn’t even need to tell them who Steve Franks is because they all knew, They’d seen his name in the credits of every episode. Mitchell even said, “The Creator of the show saw our movie!?”

I could see in their eyes that they felt truly special and all from a simple little movie and an email and I thought I would share that with everyone.



2010 Christmas Caper – Psych!

Well…it’s that time of year again and Merry Christmas!

Our latest caper pays tribute to a show on the USA network we are fond of called Psych. We hope you enjoy our version of a Psych’d out caper.  Just click the read more button below to partake of the pure ridiculousness!


4th of July

This is what happened on the 4th of July. I went to see the fireworks at Pizza Hut Park and I got to swim in my pool and I got to see one of my best friends Landon.

We got to have cake and pretend to run a restaurant at my house.

We went to UT on another day and I got my swimming lessons and I’m going to a birthday party on Saturday and it is at pump it up and we got our pool made last christmas and this is all my


VBS grace avenue

Hey I wanted to tell you my awesome week at Vacation Bible School or VBS. The first day when I got there I was kind of bored but then one of my two best friend got there from school I was so happy. In arts and crafts we made drums. First we got two cups from chilies taped them together on the bottom. Then we taped it all around with tape and made sure there were no spots that you could see. Next we went out side and played sharks and minnows. I was doing great but Garrison or Gary and Austin were already sharks and on the third round 4 people gathered up and all of them tried to get me. They got me and the game was over. Then we played kick ball but we didn’t have much time and at the end of the game it was zero to zero. After that we went to story telling where we learned a lot about God and how you should treat other people. Next we made spiders to tell 1 thing or 8 small things about what we are special for. Then we got to learn how to sing and dance for God before we went home.

The next day we painted our drums and drew whatever we want on them and made a game. We learned new songs every day and dances.

On Thursday we got to slide on water slides and play football. My friend Austin was not there and missed the snow cones. My brother Mitchell was the guy who helps out side. At the end of water day we watched him slide down.

On Friday we got to see famous african drummers. They were awesome! We learned a song. Then I had to leave and I was sad because I would miss my friends. But I guess I will see them at school in fifth grade this year.


-Mark Doerr

2009 Christmas Caper

Wow!  What a Christmas and New Year.  When I looked up it was February and the 2009 Caper was still in the camera.  Well I finally got a moment to work on it this weekend when we were snowed in for a bit…so without further ado…

This years caper brings back an old foe and brings us a cameo from a professional actor (can you guess who?).  Take a gander and let us know what you think.

Testing out a Joomla iPhone app

I’m sitting here watching Mason’s football practice and testing out a new website management app for my iPhone. It let’s me insert images from my camera. We’ll see how this works but it could be very interesting and give the kids an easy blogging platform.

More soon but this is as easy at tweeting but I can be much more verbose. Yippee!


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