The Great Doerrdini

doerrdini.jpgMy Dad and Dixie are in town this week and while the kids were in school today, I asked him if he could do his version of the now famous, "Great Kuehndini Magic Trick".  

He obliged and did a fantastic job.  


Check it out here.


My Dad’s Choir Takes 2nd Place


My Dad just emailed me to tell me that his choir, the Langford Men’s Choir, took 2nd prize in an international competition in North Wales last weekend. Waahoo! You can check them out here. They had some nice close-ups of him too. He’s in the second row all the way on the left (looking at them). I’m sure he’ll have more information over at

Congrats Dad!

New Position with Community Hospital Corporation


I thought I would take a moment and let everyone know that I recently accepted a new position with Community Hospital Corporation, a hospital management and consulting company with a focus on supporting not-for-profit hospitals. I’ll be working in their corporate headquarters in Plano TX as Vice President, Information Technology. I’ll report to the CFO and will be working to support their member hospitals with enhanced services while building a stronger corporate support structure.

I start with CHC at the end of July and am very excited to get back to the provider side of the business with a continued focus on information technology and strong results. I will however miss my co-workers at Argyle and my decision to leave was a very difficult one.

If you want to know more about CHC, you can visit their website at or as always, shoot me an email at and I’ll fill you in.


New Blogging Tool Test

I’m testing out a new blogging tool that
may assist the kids in blogging more easily. Hopefully this will
work the way I expect and I won’t have to be the blogging


Summertime Swimming

Yesterday we went swimming at our neighborhood pool for the first time. It
was so fun. My brother and I played a game who can find the goggles. Next
I jumped in the pool doing a cannonball. We had a blast down at the pool.
We came home surprised that our mom made us some turkey burgers. And they
were delicious.



For Mother’s Day I got a new little kitten I named Willow.  It wasn’t much of a surprise since I picked it out and actually flew to Pittsburgh Friday night to get it.  

She is a Korat which comes from Thailand and is hypoallergenic, which will be good for Mitchell.  

The kids bought me some kitten play toys for her and we’ve had a lot of fun introducing her to TX and our family.

Brian put up a few pictures from our first day with Willow.

More soon.


Trip to Mexico

Madeline and I recently went to Mexico with NCYTE.  We had a great time and I kept up a google map which shows where we visited.  Check it out.   Simply click on the blue POIs below to see what we did at each spot.  I still have a couple spots to add from the last day so check back and see what’s been added.  If you want to see a larger map, there is a small link under the map. 


View Larger Map